Moniru Ravanipur

Moniru Ravanipur is an internationally- acclaimed writer. Ravanipur was among 17 activists to face trial in Iran for their participation in the 2000 Berlin Conference, for which they were accused of taking part in anti-Iran propaganda. Copies of her current work were recently stripped from bookstore shelves in Iran in a countrywide police action. She is the fourth International Writers Project Fellow. She wrote novels, short stories, children works, plays and screenplays. She continues to write in her blog regularly.

Moniru Ravanipur's short stories:

Siria Siriam, Collection of Fairy Tales, Nazli, Kanizu, Frankfurt Airport's Woman,
Satan's Stone, The Sparrow and Mr. President

Moniru Ravanipur's Novels:

The Gipsy by the Fire, Heart of Steel, Ahle Ghargh

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